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This classification 1)Scores are "harmonized", ie transformed in such a way that all tasters have the same average and the same standard deviation.
2) Le coefficient of each taster is computed (Chi-2 based), it measures his "agreement" with the panel of tasters. Tasters may be eliminated if this agreement is too weak.
3) Outliers scores of remaining tasters are whipped out.
4) The final score of a wine is obtained by weighting its scores by the tasters's coefficients.
  is neither a eulogy on a particular wine nor an attack against a particular winetaster, but only an attempt to extract a trend from a mass of information (sometimes contradictory) i.e. 10196 scores for 1503 wines (to date).

The coefficient attributed to each taster and appearing at the bottom of the tables is not an assessment of his competence or skill as a taster, but it measures his/her “agreement” with the sample. The higher the figure , the closer the agreement. (these coefficients are all relative, the average being 1, thus a coefficient above 1 means, for each particular taster, a concordance which is better than the average for the sample.)
A compilation of scores from:
frBernard BurtschyfrBettane & DesseauvefrJacques DupontfrJean-Marc Quarin
frRevue du vin de FrancefrThe Wine PatriotatHelmut O. KnallchJacques Perrin
ukChris KissackukDecanterukJane AnsonukJancis Robinson
ukMatthew JukesukNeal MartinukTim AtkindkIzak Litwar
usJeff LeveusJames SucklingusPanos KakaviatosusRobert Parker
usRoger VossusStephen TanzerusWine Spectator 
Wine merchantsukFarr VitnersusJ.J. Buckley  
Classifications and scores 2011Warning

In 2013, several scores, in particular Stephen Tanzer's, are hidden (X representing the number of times a wine has been tasted ) but they are taken into account for the classification.
In these classifications  There are three main classification types
All tasters
Workaholics: those critics who have tasted a "minimal amount" of wines
Critics: those who are not wine merchants
, are only shown the wines tasted by at least half the critics (excluding merchants)

The classification pages are interactive: you can sort by "merit" or by alphabetical order or read the classification of each taster by clicking on the title of a column.